Starting Over

I decided to start over of sorts with my blog.

The TLDR version is: it is just easier to start fresh than maintain my old blog software.

Here’s the longwinded version:

I set up this domain back in the summer of 2005 (right before my second year of grad school at Michigan). Back then, my web host MediaTemple didn’t support WordPress (the blog software I use on this site). So I had to install WordPress on my domain on my own, which was fine because WordPress is pretty simple to set up if you know a bit about building websites (and back then my web building skills weren’t as rusty as they are today).  This was all fine and good until a few years ago I couldn’t update my WordPress software for some reason that I can’t fully remember (I think it may have been some sort of database configuration or something).  It was the sort of issue that I didn’t have the time or desire to figure out.  In the midst of everything else in my life, it just wasn’t that important.  So here I was running a really old version of WordPress and it was sort of nagging at me anytime I updated my blog.  Yeah I was probably missing out on a fancy new UI, themes, and maybe some other features but the really big issue was that whatever security issues that old version of WordPress had, I was exposing my site to them.  Now MediaTemple supports WordPress as a one-click app, which means they’ll automagically install it for you.  And since it is managed by them, updating/maintaining it should be pretty simple (at least that’s my assumption).  So I decided to just go that route to save myself some trouble and have a cleaner blog.  I could try to figure out how to export all of my old blog posts but again it is a matter of prioritization  (I could spend my time figuring out something geeky or I could spend the time working out, going on a run, or stretching.  The fitness stuff wins.).  And really I’m sure the world will be just fine without gems of writing like this excerpt from a post dated September 9, 2005:

I hate Excel – you know that sketchy place on South U. that provides cheap coursepacks by having students make the copies themselves and thus exploiting a loophole in copyright law. It stinks. It’s hot. It’s messy and dirty. The lines are always way too long. Their copy machines are super old and slow and the copies always come out misaligned and fudgy.

Aren’t you dying of anticipation to find out what happened to my infoviz coursepack?

But I didn’t throw all of my blog away.  I spent 5 bucks and bought an app from the Mac app store called SiteSucker and now I’ve got a local version of my old blog to keep for nostalgia’s sake.  I’m probably going to manually export a few posts that I’d like to keep here (like some of my race recaps).

So anyway, I’m excited about having a nice new blog, which I’m hoping will motivate me to post more often. 🙂

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